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Jonathan and I have lived at Mill Ford House for over 25 years. Jonathan is a land agent and I have a nursing background and nowadays lecture in schools all over the British Isles. Our daughter and son have now flown the nest, so we decided that the Lodge - originally used for overflow guests from the house would make an ideal self contained B&B

We have over the years gathered a wonderful menagerie, consisting of Rovac the retired racehorse, his two mini shetland companions Tom and Molly. We have three generations of labradors, and a couple of very friendly Heinz 57 terriers!

Margo and Jerry our tame geese which live on the opposite river bank, come down for a daily swim, along with the neighboring cattle and ponies that come to the river to drink.

Lastly there are chickens, that supply us with wonderful fresh eggs daily, and the star of the show is "Colin" our pekin cockerel and his two wives and three guinea fowl friends.

It's lovely to be able to sit peacefully and watch the river, with its abundance of local wildlife and 'Fryer menagerie' going about their daily business!!



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